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My Favourite Winter Beers

Round 2 of beers that I enjoy cracking open on a cold weekend in the winter.


My Favourite Go-To Recipes

I'm not a very good cook. It's one the biggest things I struggle with in this whole adulthood thing actually. I have this problem where if I mess up a recipe, I take it as a personal offence on my ability to take care of myself. Oh, hypersensitivity, is there anything you don't take a… Continue reading My Favourite Go-To Recipes


My Favourite Mobile Games

Hello friends and family! Mobile gaming can be tricky. It seems like they are all just the same thing over and over again, they're constantly bombarding you with in-app purchases, and it seems to get boring fast. So, here are my suggestions for games that I think stand out from the crowd and are worth… Continue reading My Favourite Mobile Games

Book Club

April Book Club: Americans in Space by Mary E. Mitchell

Hello readers, both of books and my blog! I'm sorry the post for this months book club is a little on the late side. If you read the book with me, you might understand why it took me a little longer to finish. Anyways, on with the discussion! Remember this isn't a review, and I… Continue reading April Book Club: Americans in Space by Mary E. Mitchell

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My Favourite Two Player Board Games

So if you know me in real life, you may know that I struggle with competiveius bitchius. That's the rare disease where you get so competitive and upset about losing games, that you lose control of your emotions. You might start crying, you might start screaming, you might just shut down. Either way it's no… Continue reading My Favourite Two Player Board Games

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Nancy Drew Games and What You’ll Learn

Hello friends! So something that you might not know about me is that I am in love with a game series. It's the Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive. There are 32 titles out right now, and there are still releasing more. Point and click adventure with mystery to solve, part of the reason I… Continue reading Nancy Drew Games and What You’ll Learn