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24 Things to Do Before 25!

There are certain things I associate with begin a real's time to get those things done!


My Favourite Go-To Recipes

I'm not a very good cook. It's one the biggest things I struggle with in this whole adulthood thing actually. I have this problem where if I mess up a recipe, I take it as a personal offence on my ability to take care of myself. Oh, hypersensitivity, is there anything you don't take a… Continue reading My Favourite Go-To Recipes

Personal Experience

Things I almost didn’t allow myself to enjoy

As a woman online who is also interested in nerd culture, I often feel pretty unwelcome in some areas. My interest in comics is scrutinized, my love for video games isn't believed, and just because I only started watching Star Wars a couple of years ago, it must mean I'm not a ~real~ fan. And… Continue reading Things I almost didn’t allow myself to enjoy


My Favourite Mobile Games

Hello friends and family! Mobile gaming can be tricky. It seems like they are all just the same thing over and over again, they're constantly bombarding you with in-app purchases, and it seems to get boring fast. So, here are my suggestions for games that I think stand out from the crowd and are worth… Continue reading My Favourite Mobile Games

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My Favourite Two Player Board Games

So if you know me in real life, you may know that I struggle with competiveius bitchius. That's the rare disease where you get so competitive and upset about losing games, that you lose control of your emotions. You might start crying, you might start screaming, you might just shut down. Either way it's no… Continue reading My Favourite Two Player Board Games