My name is Nicole and I’m 23 years old.

This is my blog where I write all of my strong opinions that no one on Facebook or Tumblr will put up with. I try to stay away from truly controversial topics, but I am a bleeding heart liberal and feminist.

I love making YouTube videos and taking photographs. I also have recently began myIMG_6303 journey into playing video games after overcoming a terrible case of competitiveness. I am now too far down the rabbit hole to look back. Some of my favourite games are Fallout, Minecraft, Empyrion: Galaxy Survival, Nancy Drew by HerInteractive, The Orion Project, and any point and click adventure/mystery games. I also love camping and canoeing. I’m dating the best fiancee¬†in the world named Nick and I have a dog named Bear.

I love chatting and making friends, so please feel free to leave comments on my posts all you want!

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