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What I Bought On The Steam Winter Sale

It’s that magical time of year again! Not Christmas, not the New Year, not any of that. I’m talking about the Steam Winter Sale! Every year at Christmas time, Steam slashes the prices of pretty much all their games. Especially older and indie games. It’s no doubt the best time to buy games. Even the big AAA titles often have a bit of a discount! This year I bought nine new games on sale. Here are the titles I picked up:



My first pick was this crafting survival game: Raft! Basically, you start off on a very tiny raft in the middle of an ocean with a shark swimming around you. You must pick supplies out of the water with a hook to expand your raft and survive! Nick and I decided we wanted to play this game when we saw Achievement Hunter play it. Apparently, they are still updating and adding lots of new things to the game regularly, so it’s a buy that will keep on giving.

Original Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $15.39 (-30%)

Tick Tock: A Tale For Two

tick tock

This is also a game I’ll be playing with Nick. It seems like an escape room game that you can play cooperatively with friends online or on the couch. It seems similar to another game we played called We Were Here and We Were Here Too. That game was interesting because it required you to communicate since usually one of you had the puzzle and the other had the solution. We love playing communication and puzzle games like this.

Original Price: $6.69
Sale Price: $4.68 (-30%)

Donut County

donut county

Now, this seems like a very silly game.  Instead of playing as a character or something reasonable, you control a hole in the ground. The more things that fall down you, the bigger you get. It’s kind of like Katamari Damacy in that way. There’s this whole story the explains why the hole appeared and what it’s doing to the world around it. I’ve seen several YouTubers play this game and it looks so cute and relaxing to play.

Original Price: $14.49
Sale Price: $7.24 (-50%)


911 Operator


Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous that this game is very stressful. I mean 911 operator is about the most stressful job in the world, besides actually being the first responders. But I usually like games like this, where you don’t really control a character but you have to manage a lot of different systems at once. Unfortunately, I’m the type of person to care way too much about each individual NPC and I will no doubt cry over at least some of their deaths if I fail.

Original Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $2.03 (-86%)


Nancy Drew: Treasure in Royal Tower

royal tower


Starting now, if you pay very close attention, you’ll see a trend in the rest of the games I bought. Anyways, this first one I got is possibly my favourite Nancy Drew game of all time. I think it was also my first. Taking place in Wisconsin, you explore an ancient castle that used to belong to Marie Antoinette herself! You’re snowed in for the time being, so why not spend your time looking for the rumoured secrets that Marie hid somewhere? I am so excited for this blast from the past.

Original Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $3.44 (-70%)


Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion


Another trip down memory lane! I actually didn’t get my hands on this game until later, but I still greatly enjoyed it. It is one of the first in the whole series, so it has so problems, but it’s still a gem. This game has a classic tale: there are mysterious accidents happening in this old mansion, and you have to figure out what’s causing them. It is ghosts, or something even more sinister?

Original Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $3.44 (-70%)

Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion


If I’m remembering correctly, this Nancy Drew game was a bit bizarre. Instead of the usual story of visiting a friend who has had mysterious circumstances happening to them or travelling the world and bumping into an ancient secret, you’re on a reality show with your friends. This added some new and slightly odd mechanics to this game, but the first and only time I played this was years ago. I’m ready to give it another shot.

Original Price: $22.79
Sale Price: $6.83 (-70)

Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies


Another of the more modern Nancy Drew games, this one takes place at a museum of Ancient Greece. There is about to be a big performance of Persephone in Winter, a play about the myths of Persephone and Hades. However, someone has been stealing artifacts from the exhibits. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to figure out who is doing this and why. I think I’ve only played this game once before, so I don’t actually remember much of it. I think I enjoyed it, so hopefully, I will again!

Original Price: $22.79
Sale Price: $6.83 (-70%)

Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness


So did you catch onto the trend of the last five games? I know, it was pretty tricky to figure out. Anyways, this game is the last Nancy Drew game that came out before the long four year hiatus between games. To put that into perspective, they were putting out two games a year before that. But I’m not bitter. Back to Sea of Darkness. It was a pretty good game when I first played it so I’m looking forward to giving it another play. In this game, Nancy finds herself in Iceland where a festival celebrating an old ship is being held. Except for one problem: the entire ship disappeared! Can you find out who took it before the festival starts?!

Original Price: $22.79
Sale Price: $6.83 (-70%)

And there you have it: the nine titles I snagged this Christmas sale. What are you hoping to get your hands on this season? Buying any games at a discount for a gift? Let me know how you’re taking advantage of the deals in the comments. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get talked into getting another game…

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