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My Summer 2019 Bucket List

Summer 2019 is officially upon us! We are beyond the point of return when it comes to snow and frost, and now rainy days are our only enemy. And I have got plans for this summer indeed! I’ve been busy filling up my calendar with lots of adventures and plans, and I want to share some of them with you!

Canoe Trip

Something I’ve always wanted to do is go on an overnight trip camping, but like…actually. I’ve always been camping on easy mode, meaning that there is electricity available, a nearby shop, and actual indoor bathrooms and showers. I slept in a tent and had campfires, but ultimately, it wasn’t that much of a rough experience. Well, this year I’m stepping it up a notch. Nick and I are going on a canoe trip with some friends. It involves portaging out to a much more isolated campsite and living out of just one backpack. I am very much looking forward to it!

Cottage Long Weekend

This is an annual tradition at this point. Every year, all my friends that have moved away after living together in university get together at our friend’s cottage for one of the long weekends and just relax and play some board games. A bonus is the cottage is on an island of its own, so the three dogs we own between us can run around free without worrying about them running away or some hostile wildlife attacking them. Swimming, drinking beer, watching a sailing race…hardly gets better than that.

Backyard BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ meal on a warm summer evening with some good friends? Add in some s’mores and you’ve got a perfect evening. Luckily, I’ve been invited to one this summer, since my backyard is much too tiny to accommodate more than about four or five people.

Those are my big, big plans for this summer! They are the more involved events, the ones that needed planning and travel to accomplish. What fun adventures have you scheduled for this coming June/July/August? Let me know in the comments!

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