How To Not Hate Trying on Clothes

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First off, notice I didn’t promise you’ll love it or that it will become your favourite thing. I just said you won’t hate it. Moving on.

Trying on clothes in a store can be the absolute worst experience. The dressing rooms are often too small, the lighting is terrible, the mirrors are too big, and it’s somehow always 3 degrees hotter in them then in the rest of the store. I always come out of them sweaty and frustrated. And that doesn’t even begin to cover what happens to your self-esteem when you attempt to find clothes that fit you. But I’ve got a couple life hacks that will help you with this irritating routine that doesn’t involve buying clothes without trying them on and then having to return them all.

Wear something easy to take off

This might seem obvious but stick with me. Button-up shirts, pants with belts, and laced shoes are just a couple things that add time onto how long you’re stuck in that tiny room. I usually wear a tank top or thin t-shirt so that half the time you can throw tops over it right in the middle of the store without needing a changing room. Ideally, wear pants without any buttons or zippers such as yoga pants or leggings.  Slip-on shoes or sandals are essential as well or else you’ll spend five minutes lacing up your sneakers that you don’t need to spend. Get in and get out…that’s the motto!

Remember: the size of the clothes is wrong, not your body


When you’re trying on clothes, it’s easy to say that it is you that is too big for the clothes, especially if you’re not fitting in a size that you normally fit in. It can make you feel like some kind of failure or that you’re ugly. Well, you’re wrong. Clothing does not dictate whether or not you’re beautiful. Sizes are just meant to give you an idea of how to pick the right clothes for your body. If something doesn’t fit when it should fit, it’s because the size is not right for your body, and not that your body is wrong in any way. The clothing is wrong, not your body.

Leave your coat in the car

This goes out specifically to shoppers in winter. Few things are as annoying as walking around the mall and either sweating profusely in your winter coat or trying to carry around the giant puffy thing around. Just leave it in the car! Unless it’s -65 C out, you’ll survive the walk across the parking lot.

Put your best looking foot forward

Often if you’re going shopping, you’re probably going to dress down a bit. I mean I basically told you do a couple of paragraphs ago. And I stand by that the part of your outfits that you will take off to try on other clothes should be basic and easy to handle. But the rest of you could look your absolute best. There is pretty much nothing that can be done about the bad lighting and angles in the dressing rooms, but you can control yourself. If you look at yourself in a possible new purchase, you’re going to feel better about yourself and about the clothing piece if you’re just generally looking your best. So throw on some makeup if that’s what you like, do your hair a nice way, and you’ll feel better about staring at yourself in a mirror.

Bring a selfie light. No, seriously.

Remember how I just said we can’t control the lighting in dressing rooms? Well, that’s only half true. While we aren’t going to be doing any electrical work, you can bring your own light correction. You can buy small selfie lights that you can clip right to your phone and use to light up the dark and depressing closet you’re changing it. Also, if the mirror is particularly badly lit or at a bad angle, just use the front-facing camera on your phone to see how you look. The light will brighten up your whole face and outfit, making you look absolutely flawless.

Shop online

If none of the previous tips work for you, just shop online for goodness sake. Most websites will have sizing charts that tell you the exact measurements of each piece they sell, instead of just the general size of the garment. Measure those parts on yourself, read the sizing chart carefully, and you should get a pretty great fit when the clothing comes to your door. Dressing rooms and real-life stores are a thing of the past anyway!


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