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Your Personal Gaming Dictionary

To me, one of the hardest parts of getting into gaming was learning all the slang and terminology. I would start playing a game with my friends, and before I knew it, it was like they were speaking an entirely different language! Not to mention, if you have a loved one that adores video games, trying to listen to them talk about their favourite hobby can be very confusing. So here is your primer on all thing video games:

Game Types and Genres

3PS: (noun) Third Person Shooter, a game focused on combat and played in the third person perspective

Alpha: (noun) a very incomplete version of the game, released for testing reasons

Battle Royale: (noun) a type of game where a large number of players fight each other to the last man standing

Beta: (adjective) an incomplete version of a game, released for testing reasons

FPS: (noun) First Person Shooter, a game focused on combat and played in the first person perspective

MMO: (noun) massively multiplayer online game, an online game where many people can play at the same time, often together in groups

MOBA: (noun) multiplayer online battle area, a game where teams of players try to move across a map to take over the enemy’s base

Point and click: (noun) a game whose main mechanic is pointing with the mouse and clicking to interact with the game

RPG: (noun) role-playing game, this is an open-ended game that allows you to build a character however you want and to try and embody the character you build

RTS: (noun) real-time strategy game, a game that relies heavily on strategizing a battle, usually with command over armies or minions to use in the attack

Sandbox: (noun) a game in which the entire purpose to play around with the mechanics of the game in an open-ended way

Minecraft is a sandbox game. 

Turn-based RPG: (noun) a game that instead of running constantly in real time, it has a system of taking turns in battle

Twin Stick: (noun) a shooting game that utilizes both joysticks on a controller, one stick controls movement and the other controls where the character is looking

Starting A Game

Achievement: (noun) a specific accomplishment in the game, often unlocks some sort of trophy or reward

AP: (noun) Actions Points, the number of actions a player can take in their turn

Character build: (noun) the portion of the game where you choose what stats and abilities you’ll have in the game, and sometimes the appearance of your character

CPU: (noun) a character controlled by the computer with a form of AI

arcade-buttons-computer-371924.jpgHP: (noun) short for health points, represents the amount of damage you can take before dying or losing

Lobby: (noun) a place where you wait in online games for the actual game to begin, the game may be trying to get other players from online to make a full game

Mana (MP): (noun) the number of magic points a character has

Matchmaking(noun) when an online game is finding other people online for you to join up with

Mechanics: (noun) the ways that a game functions technically

PC: (noun) Player Character, the character that is controlled by the player

Ready: (adjective) a player is confirmed in the game as ready to begin
(verb) to confirm in a game that you are ready for the game to begin

Spawn: (verb) to come into existence in the game
(noun) the location where something comes into existence in the game for the first time

XP: (noun) short for experience, represents the number of tasks you’ve accomplished in the game (may be referred to as quests, missions, crafting, etc.)

The HP and AP counters in Fallout 3.

Stuff & Things

Collectable: (noun) an item in the game that serves no other purpose than to be collected, usually for an achievement

DPS: (noun) Damage Per Second, describes the amount of damage done in a second of firing/using a weapon

Farming/Grinding: (verb) doing a repetitive action that grants the player XP, loot, or any other reward, usually in an easier way than the intended means

Hitscan: (adjective) a ranged weapon that activates immediately, instead of after travel time of a projectile




Inventory: (noun) the space a character has to carry items on their person, similar to the idea of pockets or a backpack




Loot: (verb) to take items from a place or person
(noun) the items gained when looting

Shopkeepers and townsfolk are NPCs. 



NPC: (noun) acronym for a non-playable character, any character in a game that isn’t directly controlled by a human player



Enemies and Combat

Aggro: (noun) the aggressiveness of an enemy in a game
(verb) to activate an enemy and cause it to attack

AoE: (noun) Area Of Effect, space where an effect happens between

The final boss in most Mario games is Bowser.

Boss: (noun) the largest and toughest enemy in a dungeon or general area

Cheesing: (verb) manipulating an algorithm or flaw in game design to win a game, often considered a form of cheating

DoT: (noun) Damage over Time, a type of attack that causes long term damage instead of a single instance

Down: (adjective) single player is killed, or in multiplayer when a player is critically injured but can be revived by a teammate
(verb) to kill or critically injure another player

Dungeon: (noun) an area that contains enemies and a contained quest or goal, has a specific beginning and an end that usually has a boss fight

Feeder: (noun) a person who is inexperienced or unskilled and therefore dies multiple times by the enemy team, therefore “feeding” them

Gank: (verb) to get ambushed by the opposite team

Ghosting: (verb) when a player knows something that they shouldn’t be able to know [ex: another player has died and is spectating, telling their team the location of enemies]

Headshot: (noun) a direct hit from a weapon to the head of an enemy, often causing instant death

Juggling: (verb) repeatedly attacking a character to keep them from attacking back, usually by causing them to be stunned or thrown back

Kite: (verb) to allow an enemy to chase you without letting it attack you, strategy for killing enemies at a specific time or place, also opens the enemy up to attacks from other players

2000px-Map_of_MOBA.svgLane: (verb) when a team/player goes down a lane to collect resources, XP, and sometimes to attack the enemy
(noun) a path between the home base and the enemies base, where the minions walk

Minions: (noun) in a MOBA, they are the small enemies that travel via lanes and draw aggro from defensive buildings and enemy minions

No-scope: (verb) to kill someone with a sniping weapon but without utilizing the scope to enhance aim

Pre-fire: (verb) to fire a weapon before having a line of sight on an enemy when you suspect they are behind an obstruction, hoping to kill them via lag or low PING

Push: (noun) when a team in a MOBA attempt to advance toward the enemy’s base by attacking defensive buildings
(verb) the act of advancing through the map and destroying enemy buildings

Quick scope: (verb) killing another player immediately after engaging the scope on a gun

Throwing arc: (noun) a visual representation of exactly how a throwable (grenade, knife, etc) will travel through the air and land

To draw aggro: (verb) cause an enemy to chase/attack you, usually a strategy to protect other players or NPCs

Playing Online

AFK: (adjective) Away From Keyboard, left the computer

C9: (noun) when a team gives away a point but they have already won the match

GG: (salutation) Good Game, usually sent at the very end of a game

GGWP: (salutation) Good Game, Well Played


Griefing: (verb) acting in a way solely to annoy other players or make playing harder for them

Guild: (noun) a sort of club in MMOs. Allow players to complete certain challenges or dungeons that they couldn’t complete alone

IRL: (noun) In Real Life, meaning the person is referring to something that is happening outside of the game

Lag(noun) when low internet speeds cause glitches in an online game
(verb) when a player is being affected by lag

Point: (noun) scoring method
(noun) a contested place that the two teams are fighting over

Rubber banding: (verb) when a person is experiencing a lag between their computer and the server, leading to their actions and movements being undone when the computer and server sync again

Smurf: (noun) when a talented/experienced player starts a new account in order to be matched with a low-level account, leading to many wins in a row

Spectate: (verb) after death, watching the rest of the game in a sort of ghost form

Stream-sniping: (verb) killing a player easily because they are watching the player live stream the game


Deep lore: (noun) more specific details about a video game’s story, often used sarcastically

Lore: (noun) the background details in a video game’s story, creating a more rich environment

Sequence break: (verb) to play portions of a game out of the intended order

Get Good!

100%: (verb) to collect all achievements/collectables and finish all quests/missions

Goat: (noun) short for Greatest Of All Time, a talented player

SkillTreePerk/skill tree: (noun) when levelling up, the character is given options on what skills they want to specialize in through different branches of a tree-like chart

Tilted: (adjective) a player that is frustrated with the game and is, therefore, playing sloppily or too aggressively

Classy Characters

Avatar: (noun) visual representation of your character in-game

Barbarian: (noun) the class with the largest weapons and most damage, almost always a tank

DPS: (noun) a character that deals a lot of damage per second\

Glass cannon: (noun) a character that has low health and/or defence but can deal a lot of damage, like a cannon made out of glass

Squishy: (adjective) a character that has low health and/or defence

Summoner: (noun) a class that can summon minions or other creatures to aid in fighting

Tank: (noun) the class of character that has high defence and/or health, and therefore should try to take damage over other characters

Thief/Rogue/Assassin: (noun) a class that focuses on stealth, agility, and small weapons

Healer: (noun) the class that keeps the health of other characters up



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