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The Totally Most Essential Fallout Mods

Modding is a beautiful thing. It can give any game a whole new life and fix things in the base game that the players didn’t love. I’ve only recently dived into mods. I’ve tried ones that all you to scrap everything in the Fallout 4 settlements, ones that add new areas and plot, and ones that change textures to better or different ones. But during my browsing of Nexus, I’ve learned another thing about modding: it is the silliest thing in the world.

There are mods for the tiniest little tweaks to the biggest overhauls. So here is a list of all the Fallout 4 mods I’ve found that made me laugh when I read what they do. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing but respect for these mod creators (in fact, I installed several of these afterwards), but sometimes you just have to ask…why?

Delightful Dead Fish 

14726-10-1465148110This is a mod that literally just reskins the dead fish you find along the coastline and in Far Harbor. It adds a higher quality, more realistic pattern to the dead fish, and improves the quality of the wounds on the irradiated ones. That’s it. It doesn’t add fish to the water or make the fish into items or craftables, it just makes them prettier (or in some cases, uglier but in higher quality). To be fair, the fish in Fallout 4 are pretty lazily skinned but also to be fair, I don’t think they were really meant to be examined.

Shell Rain

870-1-1447679607Do you ever wish that after an intense shootout, you could look down and see the massive piles of spent shell casings? Want to wade through them before claiming your victor’s spoils? Well, now you can! While the base game does have shell casing items and they do stick around for a whole 5 seconds, this mod increases that time to 10 minutes, increases their draw distance so you can see your enemy’s shells piling up too, and changes it to allow up to 1500 shells to be present at any one time. This is pretty badass, but it also makes me laugh to think someone looked at this game and thought, “needs more garbage floating around in it!”

Slooty Vault Jumpsuit

8233-3-1452600759No, I’m not making this one up and yes, it is spelt like that. In fact, Nexus is absolutely full of mods dedicated exclusively to making the clothes or body of the female Sole Survivor sexier. There is a mod that removes the default underwear and replaces it with breasts and genitals, there is a mod that specifically makes the areola larger in that first mod, and there are many, many, many mods that add bikinis. But this one is one of the more ridiculous in my mind. Basically, it just unzips the zipper on the vault jumpsuit and adds cleavage. It also makes the rest of the suit tighter and more form fitting. It mostly looks like you’re just giving your Sole Survivor a huge wedgie, to be honest.

Bobble Girl – with Slooty Vault Jumpsuit

8469-2-1452958036So I completely understand wanting to change the bobbleheads found in the game to be the female vault girl instead of the default vault boy. If you’re playing as a female Sole Survivor especially, it just seems more fitting. You can also change the perk chart animations to feature the vault girl instead as well. But just in case you really can not stand having any feminine figure in your game be not overtly sexy, you can use this mod to not only change the gender of the bobbleheads but make them wear the slooty vault suit from the previous mod. Sigh.


Logic Defying Weaponry

34411-1535589286-1011794180This mod adds broken and nonsensical weapons.  They all look very glitched and broken, from the hot pink colour that looks like a missing texture filler to the 10 mm that floats in front of your hand instead of being held in it. There is a “Cue Gun,” which is a pink pool cue using nails as ammunition and has a reflex sight on the top, and “A strange…bat?” which has knives and nails piercing all the way through it, including through the handle and your player’s hands. This one makes me laugh because there are so many mods dedicated to making the game more realistic and this one serves to add a bit more chaos into the mix.

Communist Goodneighbor 

34373-1535380365-522604226What? No, seriously, what?! So as you probably know, in the game, you can recruit Hancock, mayor of Goodneighbor, as a companion and take him on adventures with you. After you’re bored of him, you can then send him to one of your settlements to farm tatos for eternity. A question a lot of people have asked is what really becomes of Goodneighbor when he leaves. He gives a little speech stating that Goodneighbor is of the people and for the people, and he never really led them but was more of a figurehead. Well, this mod builder wasn’t satisfied with that answer and decided that Goodneighbor would take up Communism, including hanging up the flag of the Soviet Union.

Hot and H*rny Wasteland

This is an NSFW link with graphic depictions of sexual acts. Yep, we’re back to sexing up the Commonwealth. This mod adds in some erotic art to the settlement builder, meaning you can now decorate your towns and villages with people having intercourse, nude women, and many different pop culture icons in unfortunate positions (including Elsa and Anna, Velma, and Mei). I honestly can’t even believe I’m linking to this on my blog, but I just can’t believe the priorities people have when modding a game. I also can’t add any pictures demonstrating the mod because they are all very X rated. It’s seriously just pornography.

My Girlfriend Preset 

33740-1533093440-1226597412This link contains nudity. This person decided to recreate their girlfriend in the game. Kinda sweet right? But they also included using a mod that adds breasts and genitals to the player character. A bit weirder, but whatever I guess. Then they decided to take a bunch of screenshots of that character’s body in various poses and states of undress. Getting more uncomfortable now, but then they feel the need to upload this body as an optional preset in the game so that anyone can also do those previously mentioned things with a perfect recreation of the same girlfriend. I can only hope and pray that the girlfriend knows about this and consents to it because it is all kinds of weird and invasive to me. To quote the maker of this mod, “I’ve spent the better part of my days’ building and tweaking this body slide and have extensively reviewed the source material in order to make it a 1:1 recreation of my Baby girl. I hope you all enjoy her beauty just as much as I have.” *shutters*

CatRoach – A Pro-Phobia Mod

Are you ready to never sleep again? Because this mod is terrifying. I already really hate radroaches. They’re hard to hit, they move fast, and they make the grossest insect noises ever. But I would take on a million radroaches rather than come face to face with one of these nightmare fueling monstrosities. Has science gone too far? Yes, drop the nukes again, please.


A quick list of mods that replace or change one thing:


  • Jafr5625’s Buh-ket Mod – changes the name of all the buckets to buh-ket and adds in the sound effect of Gavin Free saying it, which is a reference to an old Achievement Hunter video and inside joke


  • Tide Pods – adds craftable, edible Tide Pods









So I hope you enjoyed (or were disgusted) by these crazy mods I found on Nexus. I know that I am barely scratching the surface when it comes to mods that don’t make sense or change the game in ways you’d never think of. What’s the wackiest mod you’ve found and/or used? Let me know in the comments!



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