The Christmas Spirit – A Poem

Happy Christmas Eve! I would like share something pretty special to me and my mother. This is a poem I wrote for her as a Christmas present when I was young. I would have probably been ten or younger! I think I might have ripped the whole concept off of a cartoon Christmas special I saw that year, so I’m not trying to lay claim to that. But here are the innocent words of baby Nicole, trying to give her mom a good Christmas present when I didn’t have any spending money of my own! I’m not editing or changing any words of this either, so it’s all original.

The Christmas Spirit

Hey, have you heard of
Angila Fought
Eh, what’s? You haven’t,
I wouldn’t have thought.

Well this girl,
She was real bad,
All the other girls and boys,
Were jealous of the things she had.

She was spoiled
From her head to her toes,
I’m sorry of that,
But it’s how the story goes.

Any way she would get the toys,
By making a huge scene,
With all those screams,
You should have seen.

First she would whimper,
Then it would only get worse,
With a tantrum,
That shook the universe.

So her parents,
Who were in a lot of stress,
Bought the toys,
And Angila’s room was a mess.

But one day
They had enough,
When Angila wanted
A $1000 bit of fluff!

“Hush up,”
They said
“And you’re grounded,

Angila cried,
’till her pillow was soaked,
When she stopped,
“I’ll run away,” she joked.

“No,” she said,
Struck by a plan,
“I’ll write to Santa,”
She smiles, “Am I good, o man.”

So she wrought a letter,
As long as twice a mile,
Writing that note
Must have taken a while.

It asked of stuff like,
Outer-space car,
And a stuffed lion,
That could really roar!

Like choos-choos,
Like fancy robot,
And other things,
That Angila wanted a lot.

So when it came,
The wonderful day,
She jumped around,
And screamed, “Oh Yah!”

So she stepped outside,
And looked around,
For the ol’ jolly man,
When her heart gave a bound.

There he was,
All red and white,
But he was so fat,
His pants were a bit tight.

But as he jumped around,
From roof to roof,
He missed Angila’s house,
The stupid old fat goof.

So Angila snuck back to bed,
Oh she was mad,
She was still mad,
When she was woken up by her dad.

She had got nothing,
Not one new thing,
She was mad at Santa,
Then answered the phone when it began to ring.

“Ho Ho Ho,” said the phone,
Angila was so scared,
She nearly dropped the phone,
And in her eye, there was a tear.

“What do you want?”
She said in a huff,
She was sad, but didn’t cry,
She was tough.

“Well,” said he,
“I skipped you for a reason,
The reason?
You need the reason of the season.”

“All right,” said Angila,
She was not stupid,
In fact very clever.

“The reason is,”
Said the man,
“It’s not the toy but the thought, There’s a toy upstairs.
So upstairs Angila ran.

There was nothing left in her room,
Not a toy, not a book,
It was all gone but her bed and dresser,
She was madder, that fat Santa crook.

But then it dawned on her,
What Santa had meant,
No matter the gift, it’s whom it’s from,
And Santa’s message was sent.

She when she understood,
It all came back,
But Angila cleaned it,
Put it in a big sack.

And she gave it away,
To the people to whom it was needed,
And all got one toy,
That Angila had greeded.

So it was learned,
The reason,
Angila learned
The reason of season.

So end my story,
Of Angila Fought,
A happy ending,
I would have thought.

By: Nicole Baldwin

So there it is, all four printer pages of pure poetic genius. I took a bit of creative license, invented a word or two, and hadn’t learned of syllables and rhythm. But my mom cried and kept it for all these years. In fact, when I messaged her to send it to me, she knew exactly where it was and sent it by that evening. It almost proves the moral of the story, that as long as your heart is in the right place, you don’t need to give or receive huge expensive presents to have a good Christmas. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Christmas, or which ever wintry holiday you celebrate! Cheers!





The ChristmasSpirit

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