Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

So the big day is coming up soon. You have a party you said you’d go to, you said you’d dress up for. But pre-made costumes itch and you hate shopping. So what are you going to do? Well here are some really easy, DIY costumes that you could probably make with what’s in your closet. Some are for one person, couples, or groups. However, the couple and group costumes can usually be brought down to just one person, they just might not have the same impact as with more people.

Salt & Pepper

salt n pepper

This is a couple costume that probably wouldn’t work as well on it’s own to be honest. All you need is one person in all or mostly white, and the other in all or mostly black. They write on your shirts the letters S and P, or you could print off paper ones and tape them to your chest. Either way the minimum you’d need is a couple t-shirts and some paper or markers!






Life, giving out those lemons

lifeYay pun costumes! So all you need is any outfit. I chose an all black one just to make it more simple. Then you need a bunch of lemons. I advise trying to five them to people throughout the night/party. Another level would to have a lemon juicer, so when people say they don’t want the lemons, you can say “no it’s okay, you can make some lemonade!” To drive the point home you can write Life on your shirt with some markers or cut-out paper, but that’s up to you.






m and msHere is a good costume for a group. Again, all it takes is a pretty normal outfit all of one colour. Then you just write on your chest the letter M. Boom! And the more people, the more you look like a bowl of M&Ms.





Tiffany, just after breakfast

breakfast at tiffanysEveryone owns a little black dress right? Add some gloves, pearls, and a high bun and you look just like Audrey. Okay sure, she has elbow high gloves, a lot more diamonds on her neck, and a beautiful gown, but I think that this gets it across well enough. You could even bring a to-go coffee and croissant to add to the look.






Cookie Monster

cookie monsterThis costume is awesome because it involves violently eating cookies all night! Just wear all blue and carry around some Chips Ahoy! The more big and fluffy the outfit the better, like a big sweater or a tutu, but just the blue would be enough. To really get it across, you could also use black makeup to draw and big smiley face around your mouth, just like Cookie Monster’s big, cookie lovin’ face!





Doll, possibly haunted

dollHere is a great costume that can be made more spooky really easily as well. Wear your cutest dress, some white socks in some simple black shoes, and curl your hair. Then make your lips look small and red, and your lashes as long as possible. Boom, you’re a porcelain doll! If you wanted to be a scary doll, you could add some eyeliner lines on your face to look cracked, dirty up your face and dress, and surround your eyes with black shadow. Now you’re a possessed doll!

Can I help you find anything today?

employeesSome uniforms are really memorable, even if they’re very simple. It’s a constant joke that people always get mistaken for an employee when they wear red to target or blue to Best Buy. All you need is a polo shirt in one of those colours and some tan pants. Then take some paper, make a makeshift name tag, and stick it to your chest. Bonus points for asking people if you can help them or if they’re looking for anything today.




Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

kim and ronI love this as a couple costume! Really, all you  need is a black shirt and green cargo pants. But it adds to it if you throw in the gloves and woven belts. You could even take it to another level by making your phone look like the Kimunicator with a blue phone case or paper, and changing the ring tone to the ring from the show. The Kim should wear their hair down and the Ron should draw freckles on his cheeks.

I just have a lot of feelings

mean girlsEveryone loves Mean Girls. Even if they say they don’t, they do. It’s universal. But the costume I don’t see as often is of the exchange between Damien and that emotional girl. The one dressed as Damien just needs a blue hoodie and sunglasses, and to wear the hoodie tightened around their face. The one playing the girl that doesn’t EVEN go here needs a red polo and to look VERY emotional. You can use make up to make your face look splotchy and red like it did in the movie.




Pumpkin Pi(e)

pumpkin piNothing’s better than a seasonal pun, right? This is another costume where you could probably get away with the images on your shirt, but wearing orange to match the pumpkin and brown to look like a pie makes it seem less last minute some how. It’s added to it by the pun of Pi and pie.







Spongebob Procrastinationpants

spongebobEveryone’s favourite  multicellular parazoan organism! Even though you could add a ton more detail to this outfit, all you really need to convey the feeling of the costume is a mustard shirt and brown shorts. Tube socks, black shoes, and a red tie are also what makes this look so much like the character. Then just carry around a spatula and you’ll be ready to go! More details you could include is drawing circles on the shirt like Spongebob’s sponge holes and making a Krusty Krab uniform hat.



So there are my suggestions for costumes that almost entirely are made up of everyday clothes, with occasional help from a sign or two. Let me know if you use any of these ideas and what people think of them in the comments! I’d love to see the reactions of other people to these goofy outfits. Have a safe and happy Halloween!!





Halloween Costumes


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