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Fall Outfits I Love

Cool weather means it’s time to pull out my favourite wardrobe staples! I’m talking about leggings, warm sweaters, scarves, and knee-high socks. I love bundling up. I’d take it over summer style anytime. You just can’t enjoy knit and fleece and flannel when it’s 30 degrees outside. So here are some of my go-to outfits that I love wearing in autumn! These looks are basically my entire style for September, October, and November. I’ve picked out three for various situations in particular. Now here are some pictures of my goofy face for you to enjoy!

Reading or studying


So this outfit is something that I would wear to class on a good mental health day. Realistically, I would normally wear sweats and a baggy hoodie, but this is my goal outfit for school. It’s a pretty classic school girl look with the skirt, knee-highs, and Mary Janes, but honestly autumn just gives me such strong old fashioned, boarding school that have common rooms with fireplaces feeling. It’s hard to explain, but my aesthetic basically goes from geek and casual, to an ivy league student trying to get a reference letter. Anyways, I accentuate that look with a very simple upper half of the outfit to balance the stronger pattern of the skirt. The wrapped watch, grey leaves necklace, and my vintage style glasses all felt very classic. I did my makeup with the colours red and gold on my eyes, and the strong reddish brown on my lips. My theme was vaguely Gryffindor inspired.

Attending a local event


So this is actually an outfit I put together for the KW Art Walk. What I didn’t know was that it was series of gallery tours, and not just a sidewalk event where artists are selling their things. So we just went to the park instead. But that’s the kind of local event I meant it for. The kind where small business and independent artists are selling their stuff, buskers are set up and playing some music, and you can buy locally made ice cream from a truck. It’s a very casual, everyday kind of look. I added the hat not only because it says “girl power” on the front, but I think it makes this an outfit instead of just looking like a jeans and tee combo. I also chose the body suit because I like the look of the high jeans over the tight top, which is most easily achieved and maintained with a body suit. then I just have some comfy and practical jeans and running shoes. I also am wearing some edgier makeup, with a nude lip and oranges on my eyes.

Walking the dog


This is definitely my most casual outfit. This is what I would wear when I’m taking Bear for a walk in the morning. It’s usually really cool then, so I’ve go my heavy socks, boots, and fleece lined leggings to stay warm. It also can get muddy on the trail when it rains, so the boots help with that. I’m wearing no accessories, save a small purse for dog waste bags, and very minimal makeup. The scarf is also to keep warm, and add something a bit more interesting to the blank sweater. The sweater has a longer hem at the back than the front, which again helps me stay warm when the sun is still coming up.





My FallOutfits



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