(Good) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If your name is Catherine Baldwin, stop reading right now. I mean it.

Hello friends and family! So listen: I know that about a million of these blog posts already exist, but here are the ones that I find to be the most meaningful when you give them to your mother. Also note that these are the types of things that my mother would like, and not all the moms are the exact same. These gifts also can be given to any female role model or important motherly figure.  On with the list!

Family Photos

A couple years ago, I took my mom to get family photos done at Walmart. I know, a day at Walmart doesn’t sound like the special day your mom expects, but think about the last time your mom got quality pictures of your whole family taken together. Probably not since you were under 10. And if you’re already out of school, she probably hasn’t even got a picture of you since grade 12 senior pictures! Having a family portrait to hang on the wall and snapshots to send in Christmas cards are probably exactly what your mom wants. My mom was also skeptical when I told her that Mother’s Day was a surprise, to get dressed up, and then we pulled into the parking lot at Walmart. But once we walked up the portrait studio she was super excited.


It’s also great because you can choose in the moment how much you want to spend after the pictures have been taken. You can choose, or let her choose, which pictures you want printed and in what sizes. It’s a very customizable gift for both your tastes and your wallet. Alternatively, if you can’t get the whole family together for one day, try just getting your siblings or pets together for a shoot. Even just a couple framed pictures of her children will bring a smile to her face. She’s probably super proud of all of you, let her show you off!

Homemade Gift Basket

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with a store bought gift basket, but they can get a little boring. Plus they don’t really show any deep thought or care put into the gift. They are pre-made with the lowest common denominator of gifts, which are usually all good things (or else they wouldn’t be popular), but you can do one better. Go to the dollar store, buy a basket and some ribbon, and put together a personalized basket made with just your mom in mind. Don’t know what to put in it? Here are some ideas

  • her favourite sweet treat (bonus if it’s homemade)
  • something to pamper her
  • her favourite flowers
  • a new pair of slippers
  • a card with a heartfelt message
  • a piece of jewelry
  • a treat that is good for her (fruit, tea, etc)
  • a plaything (deck of card, fidget toy, etc)
  • a candle
Here is a good one if your mom is into baking!

A Themed Night Together

One the number one things that your mom wants for Mother’s Day is probably to simply spend time with her. She misses you, whether you’re moved out of the house and making your own way, or still live with her but seem to live at your friends house. So show her you love her by spending a whole day with her, and to give it some added flair, try doing some kind of theme. Cook her dinner, pour some drinks, and do an activity together. Here are some suggestions.


  • poor some wine or sparkling grape juice
  • make pasta and garlic bread


  • make some bar food (chicken wings, potato wedges, etc)
  • drink beer or soda
  • watch a game
  • go to a bar and play pool or air hockey


  • make a healthy meal
  • drink green smoothies or juice
  • exercise
  • play an exercising game to a movie or show (eg 10 push up every time Chandler is sarcastic)
  • take a class together


  • play a board game or video game
  • make a themed drink
  • prepare a meal from your favourite video game
  • challenge each other to a tournament


So there are my best ideas for a great Mother’s Day! Just remember that just because you can’t afford all this stuff, or there isn’t time to get together with your mom, you can still treat her. Sending a loving text message, giving her a call, or sending a card and some flowers can be enough. Try to remember that not everyone is blessed with a loving, committed mother, so take the time to appreciate and thank yours.

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Mother's Day Gifts

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