My Favourite Mobile Games

Hello friends and family! Mobile gaming can be tricky. It seems like they are all just the same thing over and over again, they’re constantly bombarding you with in-app purchases, and it seems to get boring fast. So, here are my suggestions for games that I think stand out from the crowd and are worth playing. I’ll include if they have in-app purchases, how irritating they are with them, and whether they are worth it to spend on.

Another Case Solved


This is a detective game where through a series of mini-games you solve cases. You have an office where you receive newspapers and have a filing cabinet full of cases waiting for you. The game has two types of game play, one where you solves cases out of the newspaper, and one where you solve cases of clients that ask you. The newspaper cases are a single mini-game, and then through solving those you earn the ability to solve a client’s case, which is all the types of mini-games back to back. The mini-games are completely different from each other, but are all interesting in their own way.

This is the first game of every case. It’s a matching game where you drag your finger to collect the tiles. The tiles you collect in this game are what you used for the other mini-games.
This game uses the photos you collected in the first game. You use them to play a Guess Who like game to narrow down suspects.
This is the game that uses the fingerprints you collected. You are set a time limit and you have to explore the area and find some evidence before time runs out.
This uses the maps and footprints. You must deduce where a location is by using hints based on other locations. Footprints unlock the other locations and maps unlock the hints.

As for in-app purchases, you are able to purchase the game’s currency. With that you can buy decorations for your office or more options for your character’s appearance. The currency can also be used to extend your life or give you more time in mini-games. However, it’s extremely non-intrusive and doesn’t pressure or force you to spend your money. I don’t find it worth it, personally.

This is a really interesting game that has creative mechanics. It’s very challenging and therefore rewarding when you’re able to solve a case or beat a game. The customization options for your office and character are also fun to play with, and it’s a definite recommendation from me.

iPhone // Play Store

Who Is The Killer?

This is another mystery based game, as I’m sure you gathered from the title. This is also more of a series of games more than just any single one. It’s also a rather difficult one. The premise is you’ve been brought to a location where a murder has occurred. You have to interview the suspects about the victim, the other suspects, and themselves. Also there is a crime scene to investigate. You only have a certain amount of energy each “day,” and only a certain amount of “days” to figure out who the murderer is before they win.


One of the tricks of the game is that the suspects won’t trust you right away, and therefore won’t discuss all the details they know immediately. You have to talk to them about other things before they’ll divulge the more interesting details. Also, each night another person is murdered, so if they had important information, you’re out of luck! There are several mini-games where you can earn yourself more energy, such as searching the crime scene, word search games while interrogating suspects, and the nightly game. The nightly game shows you an image that is blurred out, and you can clear out some of the cells of the blur, and then you have to try and answer questions about the image based on your limited sight of it.


It has some really interesting game play mechanics. However, it is extremely difficult. I had to replay it multiple times to get it right. The in-game purchases speed up waiting periods that occur between days. The nights take increasingly long real time to unlock the next day, starting at 5 seconds and going up to at least 8 hours. You can also buy more energy and hints. It isn’t too obnoxious about it, but it is really difficult as I mentioned, so it feel a lot like the game is almost forcing you to buy more energy and hints.

iPhone // Play Store


This is more of puzzle game but it isn’t a normal puzzle game. It involves using your phone is new and creative ways to solve the puzzle. It involves moving your phone, using your camera and microphone, pressing buttons on your phone, and more. It’s hard to describe this game without giving it away.


Basically the levels consist of one or more of these small squares and your goal is to light up those squares through some means. Vague description but I don’t want to give away any levels. They also start of really easy and rather obvious, to get you into the feel of how the game works. It’s a huge brainteaser that really vexed me.

The in-app purchases are basically just hints, but as this game is so varied, hints might be necessary. There is not guaranteed way to earn them for free either. However, it’s not obnoxious about them, and just has the link to store in the far corner. There are a few times the game will remind you that in-app purchases support the developer, but they’re not many.


Cube Escape

Can you tell I like mysteries and puzzles? This is another series of games that are all escape room games. What raises this game above other escape games is the interesting and macabre art style that pervades through all of them. They have a very spooky vibe with interesting and supernatural things happening throughout. You feel a certain sense of uneasiness while you play them, and that really adds to the experience of playing an escape the room.

cube escape.png
This is a screen cap of their website (linked below). It’s also an online game.

If you’ve never played an escape room game, they are pretty straight forward. Basically you are in a room or location, and you have to find a way to…..well, escape. There are a series of puzzles you will have to solve in order to find a key or some other way out. This game does all that, but adds an interesting art style, an unearthly plot line, and a very ambient soundtrack that immerses you.

As for in-app purchases, I don’t recall there being any. And looking at the games again, it looks like there aren’t any. Neat, for a completely free game! I highly recommend them all, and suggest playing them in the order suggested by their website, since there is a thread of a plot line throughout them.

iPhone // Play Store // Website

Doors & Rooms 3

Here we have another escape room! This one is a single game, even though it says 3, because it’s the only one just like it in the series. Basically it is a series of escape rooms with secret items and rooms concealed within. You have to play the levels to find secret items and then you can find secret entrances to entirely new and secret levels!


It has the same premise as all other escape room games, but like the one before, it brings something a little more interesting to the table. The added mechanics of hidden levels and items creates a more involved gameplay than just having one simple goal of escaping. There is also a health mechanic where each level has several traps that can hurt you. This also adds another level to the experience. The in-app purchases include energy which you need to play the levels, and hints which you need to play the levels if you get stuck. However it’s pretty relaxed and non-pushy.

iPhone // Play Store

So there are my favourite mobile games! I find that these games really push the envelope farther than most games, and don’t have the obnoxious tropes of mobile gaming such as pay to win or irritating, game ruining advertisements. Please check them out and let me know whether you like them too! Thanks for reading, later days!

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My Favourite Mobile Games

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  1. These are all great suggestions. Up until now my go-to mobile games has just been Alto. 😛

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