150 Date Ideas

Here is a list of ideas for a date. Use this random number generator to choose what you’ll do! Try to only re-roll if you can’t physically do the activity, such as there not being an aquarium in near you or not being able to swim.

  1. Go out to dinner
  2. Go out to dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Get ice cream
  5. Go to a board game cafe
  6. Get drinks at a new bar
  7. Go to the movies
  8. Go to the drive in
  9. Go to the beach
  10. Cook a new recipe together
  11. Play video games
  12. Go shopping
  13. Pick a random movie on Netflix
  14. Drive to the next town over and do something on the list
  15. Go bowling
  16. Go to an arcade
  17. See if there are any local events
  18. Go to the aquarium
  19. Go to the zoo
  20. Go mini-golfing
  21. Take a class at the community centre
  22. Do an escape room
  23. Go hiking
  24. See some live music (concert, bar, etc)
  25. Go to a theme park
  26. Play a board game
  27. Play a card game
  28. Karaoke bar
  29. Go to the museum
  30. Go to an art gallery
  31. Have a campfire (safely and legally!)
  32. Tackle a home project
  33. Go garage sale shopping
  34. Hold a garage sale
  35. Do the tourist thing in your area
  36. Go rock-climbing
  37. Play laser tag
  38. Spa day
  39. Spa day at home
  40. Go thrift shopping
  41. Go thrift shopping and try to find the weirdest stuff you can
  42. Go to the farmer’s market
  43. Show each other your favourite music
  44. Watch a movie from each other’s childhoods
  45. Go for a bike ride
  46. Paint portraits of each other
  47. Take a dance class
  48. Go to a comedy show
  49. Buy several kinds of something, and do a tasting (beer, cheese, chocolate, wine, etc)
  50. Get fro-yo
  51. Get fro-yo and make each others
  52. Play pool at a pool hall
  53. Antique shopping
  54. Go canoeing or kayaking
  55. Build a fort
  56. Get food at a food truck
  57. Throw a BBQ
  58. Swim at a public pool
  59. Fly a kite
  60. Camp out for the night
  61. Go fishing
  62. Go rollerskating
  63. Feed ducks (not with bread, use seeds!)
  64. Play tennis
  65. Play basketball
  66. Play beach volleyball
  67. Do a science experiment
  68. Go to a “pick your own” farm
  69. Tour a brewery
  70. Tour a winery
  71. Tour a factory
  72. Go for a drive
  73. Craft some decorations for the next holiday
  74. Teach each other a skill
  75. Volunteer
  76. Save up and go to a really fancy restaurant
  77. Go to a club
  78. Get fancy coffees at a local cafe
  79. Check what arbitrary national holiday it is and celebrate
  80. Play a drinking game
  81. Play a strip version of a game
  82. Play twister
  83. Play twister with paint
  84. Play twister naked
  85. Go tubing
  86. Penny date 
  87. Set up a scavenger hunt for the other person (be as sentimental as you want)
  88. Play truth or dare
  89. Walk your dog(s)
  90. Nerf gun fight
  91. Classic horror movie night
  92. Bake some treats
  93. Bring a meal to an older family member/friend
  94. Do some yard work, and make a game out of it
  95. Go to a batting cages
  96. Go to the driving range
  97. Rearrange a room
  98. Water balloon fight
  99. Play charades
  100. Go to an open house
  101. Have a candle lit dinner at home
  102. Take turns reading a book out loud
  103. Go for a drive
  104. Tie dye shirts
  105. Have a night themed around a culture (example: tacos and margaritas, pasta and wine, etc)
  106. Go bird watching
  107. Visit botanical gardens
  108. Have a glamour photo shoot (take it as seriously as you want)
  109. Play frisbee
  110. Do some spring cleaning
  111. Go to a petting zoo
  112. Go to a waterpark
  113. Play your favourite video games from your childhood
  114. Go to a fair
  115. Check out a flea market
  116. Go boating
  117. Rake the leaves and jump in them
  118. Climb trees
  119. Play at a playground and swing on the swings
  120. Visit a national park
  121. Go geocaching
  122. Try a YouTube challenge (record it or not!)
  123. Pick and actor and watch their filmography
  124. Visit a farm
  125. Go horseback riding
  126. Go on a hayride
  127. Pick out outfits for each other
  128. Skip stones
  129. Do paddle boats
  130. Walk dogs for the animal shelter
  131. Play 20 questions
  132. Go rafting
  133. Shop at pawn shops
  134. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  135. Go tobogganing
  136. Try making origami
  137. Look at the animals at the pet shops
  138. Catch frogs at a pond
  139. Try to make your own balloon animals
  140. Window shop downtown
  141. Exercise together
  142. Go to a car show
  143. Try to write something together (a song, story, etc)
  144. Go to a trivia night at a bar
  145. Play badminton
  146. Wash the car and have a water fight
  147. Try couples yoga
  148. Go to the library
  149. Play a Chopped-like cooking challenge
  150. Make homemade sushi

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