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My Favourite Two Player Board Games

So if you know me in real life, you may know that I struggle with competiveius bitchius. That’s the rare disease where you get so competitive and upset about losing games, that you lose control of your emotions. You might start crying, you might start screaming, you might just shut down. Either way it’s no fun for anyone. I’ve had to carefully learn to control it over the years and I’ve learned the key is to only play games your truly love, play them with people you’re very comfortable with, and play them with less people.  So finding a board game that is not only fun, but I can play with my boyfriend is important to me. So here are my favourite board games. I’ll sort them by time commitment, shortest to longest.



A macabre game of dark humour, this is a card game about storytelling. You are in charge of family of odd characters and you’re supposed to make them miserable until you kill them. Not kidding. You use modifier cards to bring down your characters happiness, until you finally lead them to an untimely death. Game ends when one person has killed their whole family, and the winner is the one with the most depressed, dead characters. However, the modifier cards all have a story prompt on them (contracted consumption, greeted by ghosts), and the key part is telling the story connecting all the characters and the prompts. You can also play positive prompts on your opponents characters (blessed by the bishop, popular in parliament) to take away from their points. This game can basically go as long or short as you want, depending on how much you expect from the story telling.



This is actually a new game for me, I only just got it for Christmas from my friend Jenn. It is a two player maximum game, so keep that in mind. In this game, you are trying to build a quilt. You take turns buying pieces with the currency: buttons. Then you try to build a quilt by putting those pieces together. Then at the end, you count up your points by counting the blank spaces on your quilt template and the buttons to your name. The most buttons, wins! It sounds a little simple, but it makes for easy to learn, short gameplay that is surprisingly fun.

 Arkham Horror


So this game is a huge time commitment, clocking in at 1-4 hours, and I would say that estimate is for only if you are really experienced at the game. Our first few tries took closer to 6 hours, since we had to check the rules every five minutes. But you can play it with only two players (or even by yourself)! This game is based on HP Lovecraft’s universe of demigods and dimensional rifts. You play as paranormal investigators trying to calm the supernatural unrest happening in the city of Arkham. Can you defeat the monsters and close the portals before a god awakens and destroys the world? This game can be challenging, but the cooperative play makes for a less competitive experience.

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