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Nancy Drew Games and What You’ll Learn

Hello friends! So something that you might not know about me is that I am in love with a game series. It’s the Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive. There are 32 titles out right now, and there are still releasing more. Point and click adventure with mystery to solve, part of the reason I love these games is because I always learn something new from them. Whether it be a new culture, language, or just a couple fun facts, these games are full of real knowledge that I would have otherwise never learned. So today I decided to compile a list of all the games, and the main subjects they will teach you about. Some games go more in depth than other, but these are the main subjects touched upon in each game. Enjoy!

Title Story Subjects to learn about
Secrets Can Kill: Remastered A student at a high school is killed and you have to try to find out whodunit. Interview students whose only similarity is their dislike for the student who died. -No specific subject focused on because it’s based off of a Nancy Drew novel
Stay Tuned For Danger A soap opera star is getting threatening messages and rigged gifts. It’s up to you to find out who is doing this and stop them before things get out of hand. – television studios

– not many background subjects

Message in a Haunted Mansion A friend of Nancy’s was renovating an old mansion, but accidents and unexplainable events keep setting her back. You have to find out what is really causing these “accidents.” – Chinese characters “hanzi”

– history of San Francisco

– play piano

Treasure in the Royal Tower You get snowed in at a historic hotel, and with nothing else to do, begin to explore. It seems that there is a centuries old secret to solve! – French history, including Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution

– working in a hotel

– learn new detective techniques

The Final Scene A friend of Nancy’s is kidnapped in an old condemned theatre while there to interview the stars of the theatres last show. The kidnappers claim that she is held in the theatre and you have until the demolition crew destroy the building to find and save her. – the life and tricks of Harry Houdini

– politics of local historical societies

– history of theatres and performing

The Secret of the Scarlet Hand A priceless artifact is stolen from a museum and you have to figure out who did it and return the treasure before the exhibit opens. The thief is notorious, leaving a single scarlet handprint at the scene of their crimes. – Mayan culture, history, and language

– how museums acquire and trade artifacts

– how to date historical artifacts

– Ham radios

Ghost Dog of Moon Lake A friend recently moved to a remote cabin, but every night she is haunted by mysterious dogs running around. Knowing that there must be some person behind this, you have to find out what is causing this and stop them. – history of mobs, prohibition and speakeasies

– birdwatching and bug collecting

– some basic survival techniques for living in a remote cabin

The Haunted Carousel You go undercover to solve the mystery of why an amusement park seems to be haunted. A prized horse is stolen off the carousel, it runs at night with no one operating it, and a faulty roller coaster caused a major accident. – history of carousels and the trade of the horses

– behind the scenes at an amusement park

Danger on Deception Island What started as a whale watching trip, turns into a mystery when the boat of the trip’s guide is vandalised. Suddenly in the middle of local politics concerned an orphan whale that traveled up the channel near by. Find out what’s really going on. – Morse code and anagrams

– how to collect clams

– nautical navigation

– orca whales and other animals

The Secret of Shadow Ranch A vacation to a friend’s ranch becomes mysterious when a ghostly horse runs by in the night, at the same time an accident occurs. What does it mean and who is behind it? – caring for and riding horses

– living on a ranch

– some history of Native Americans in Arizona

Curse of Blackmoor Manor A neighbour asks you to visit their daughter, a newlywed named Linda living in a 14th century manor in England. Something has been keeping Linda in bed, withdrawing from her family. She says is an ancient curse, but what is really going on? – heraldry, astronomy, and alchemy

– lycanthropy

– some ancient English history

Secret of the Old Clock Taking place in the 1930s, a family friend employs your mystery solving abilities to look into why a good and important friend has left nothing for them in his will when he passed. – immersive 1930s setting

– Ham radios and the people that used them

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon A famous socialite Lori Girauldi has invited you, the Hardy Boys, a famous author, famous cop, and a ghost hunter to try and solve the mystery of haunted train and it’s owner’s treasure. – the history of mining and the gold rush

– the culture of that era

Danger by Design You go undercover at an eccentric designer’s studio to solve the mystery of her erratic behaviour and the threatening messages she’s been receiving. – immersive Parisian setting

– catacombs and the secrets they hide

– developing photographs in a dark room

Creature of Kapu Cave While serving as a research assistant in Hawaii, a local crop of pineapples is destroyed. The locals believe it’s the wraith of a god. When your research guide goes missing, you decide it’s up to you to figure what is really going on. – Hawaiian history and culture

– scientific research of bugs and it’s field work

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek The owner of a skiing lodge asks you to look into the mysterious accidents happening there. Some people think it’s connected to the wolf that has been spotted nearby at the same times as the accidents. – avalanche safety

– ice fishing

Legend of the Crystal Skull While helping a friend wrap up the affairs of his late uncle, you learn that he was once in possession of a Crystal Skull. However, it is no where it be found now. Could this prized possession be the cause of Bruno Bolet’s death? – New Orleans history and culture

– legends of voodoo

– how to dress an iguana in a costume

The Phantom of Venice An art thief is terrorizing Venice, Italy, and the police are stumped. You are employed to get to the bottom of it, all the while uncovering the face of a crime organization. – Italian language and culture

– a card game Scopa

– secret codes

Haunting of Castle Malloy Arriving at an ancient Irish castle for a wedding, it’s revealed that the groom is missing. Some claim that the grounds of the castle are haunted by a banshee and a curse, some think it’s just cold feet. Reveal the truth! – Irish history and culture

– how to tend a bar

Ransom of the Seven Ships While on vacation, your friend Bess is kidnapped. Find her and bring the kidnappers to justice, all the while solving an ancient mystery on the island. – sailing and scuba diving
Warnings at Waverly Academy You go undercover at an all girl’s school to solve the mystery happening with the honour students. They’re receiving threats, and then accidents happen to them, causing them to fall out of the race of valedictorian. Who is behind it? – geography of the states of USA

– playing piano

Trail of the Twister A storm chasing team in Oklahoma is having trouble with equipment inexplicably failing and teammates getting injured. You join the team in an attempt to figure out whether it’s freak accidents or the rival team in the storm chasing competition. -storm chasing


-nature photography

-Doppler System

Shadow at Water’s Edge A ryokan (traditional inn) in Japan has been having trouble with hauntings scaring away guests. While on vacation in Japan you take on the mystery by finding out who is really behind the events. -Japanese culture: bento, origami, tea ceremonies, etc

-mini games of sudoku, renograms, and pachinko

The Captive Curse A mysterious creature that haunted a small German town years ago is back, and you have to figure what or who is causing these sightings again. -German folk tale

-German culture

Alibi in Ashes Following a mysterious note to the Town Hall leads to it burning down around you. Framed for the arson, you and your friends have to get you out of jail and find the real culprit. -police forensics

-Nancy Drew lore/backstory

Tomb of the Lost Queen Despite finding one of the most important discoveries in archeology, a mysterious accident leaves the leader in the hospital and the other members lost. Find out the truth. -Egyptology



The Deadly Device After an experiment gone wrong, the head researcher in a remote laboratory is killed. Police investigation shows that it was no accident, and you are sent in undercover to find out who else in the lab would want him dead. -Tesla’s life and contributions

-laboratory technology


The Ghost of Thornton Hall After a supernatural inspired sleepover at the abandoned Thornton estate results in bride to be Jessalyn disappearing, you have to solve the mysteries hidden in the history of the family in order to find Jessalyn again. -ghosthunting equipment

-more story based than subject based

The Silent Spy When Nancy was a child, her mother went to Scotland to neutralize a biochemical weapon and was never seen again. A decade later, you follow in her footsteps to find out the truth and stop the second attempt to utilize the weapon. -spy gadgetry

-Nancy Drew’s history and childhood

-Scottish heritage

The Shattered Medallion Nancy and George enter to compete in a reality show in New Zealand. While accidents on the set pile up, you investigate to see if they are caused by cheating or something more sinister. -New Zealand plants and wildlife

-reality show mind games

-show production

Labyrinth of Lies Interning at a museum in Greece, Nancy investigate the missing pieces from the installation. The only suspects are the acting troupe putting on a show based on Greek mythology. Are they really there for the love of acting? -Greek history and mythology

-theatre performing and behind the scenes

-designing museum displays

-clay sculpting

Sea of Darkness Nancy travels to Iceland to see the legendary ship Heerlijkheid and the associated festival, but at the last moment the captain goes missing, along with most of the historical documents concerning a hidden treasure of the original captain! -Icelandic history and language

-1700s maritime knowledge

-knots, slang, tools, etc.


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