RWBY: Volume 4, Episode 1 – My Thoughts

*Spoilers for the Volume 4 season opener*

Opening sequence

Insanely epic. I loved the dramatics of it,with the slow panning and Grimm creeping out of the pool. I still don’t understand what the pools are (where Grimm are “born” from?) but it was still beautiful and really showed how much the quality in this show has again gone up. As the show has gotten more budget and manpower, each volume is more beautiful than the last. Also someone really needs to go put the moon back together.

League of Evil

Wow Cinder is looking a little worse for wear. I knew Ruby messed her up but a whole eyeball is a lot. I love this meeting of the evil minds set up. Salem at the head of the table, leading the evil charge against the world. I look forward to learning more about these villains. I hope that we actually get insight into who they are, why they are against Remnant, and their fighting styles. I predict Doctor Watt has either a old school shotgun with upgrades or a silver sword. Tyrian has his arm-brace blades but I feel like his fighting will be mostly martial arts. His outfit makes me think of a karate gi. Hazel probably has a battleaxe or something similarly heavy handed. As for Salem, I’m willing to bet she does all of her fighting with her mind. Whether that’s telekinesis or glyphs, I don’t see her getting her hands dirty too often. She also seems like a smart and benevolent leader, especially for an evil leader. Very classy and mature. Also, Doctor Watt is a real asshole. Not a lovable asshole or a likable bad guy, but just a dick, no charm or quirk.

Farmer Boy

This whole scene made me irrationally angry. What a waste of time! A short into of a Grimm slowly crawling from the depths is one thing, and made for an eye catching show opener, but this random farm boy has nothing to do with anything!  Unless he’s a character that will come back later or an exposition building character I’m not remembering, this scene bugs me. Where is Blake? How is Yang doing? Has Weiss been in touch with anyone or is she still with her family? Except for a small peek into Weiss’ life at the end, we still don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do know what this kid’s morning routine is. GIVE ME BLAKE!!


Here we go! Back into the action. I’ve recently re watched Volume 1 and this scene is so similar to the first fight scene in the forest for team picking. Jaune as the strategist and distraction, and the rest all fighting in the way they know they will be the most effective. I also love the introduction to Ruby’s elemental charges. I think having something like that has been hinted at before, but I like the idea of her pulling out different charges for different situations, even ones outside of battle.  Except did Ruby really try to use an electric charge on a rock monster? Has she never played a Pokemon game in her life? For shame. This scene also reminds me how much I love Nora and Ren and their chemistry. I personally don’t like them as a couple, but more of a brother/sister best of friends dynamic. I’m also excited to see Ruby team up with three fourths of Team JNPR. That move with Nora and Ruby was amazing! The choreography of the battles is clearly going to be awesome this season too!

Small Village

Time to cry! Jaune getting his newly ungraded weapons, abandoning the old chest plate that his grandfather wore. It was such a moment. Despite Ruby’s cruel laughter at an adorable sweatshirt! His face when the smith asks where he got the metal from? Crushed me.  I look forward to seeing Jaune’s character build even further after losing Pyrrha. As a side note, I’m happy that if Pyrrha had to die, her death’s affects on Jaune were merely an added consequence, keeping her out of the refrigerator, if you catch my drift. One of my favourite things about this show is how varied and interconnected all the characters are. Regardless, Pyrrha was Jaune’s safety blanket, training him when he wasn’t strong and being kind to him when others brushed him off. Without her, his story will be a entirely different. I am so excited to see where this volume goes. Knowing RWBY, it’ll probably be all entirely different in three episodes due to how fast paced this show is, but I’m still excited.

The tiniest teaser

Here we have a teensy peak into the life of Weiss. That being a 20 second clip of her in a helicopter airship, being summoned by a butler. WHERE IS BLAKE?

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. As all season openers, it didn’t feel long enough or have nearly all the answers I was hoping to get. But that just makes me more excited for the next episode, and the next after that! This is the first volume I’ve gone into having completely watching all the previous volumes, so I’m so impatient for the next episode after bingeing the rest. My hopes for this season are varied. I personally ship Bumblebee, I love Yang and Blake together. Quiet introvert Blake with wild outgoing Yang? They compliment each other so well, and a heated reunion scene featuring a shouting match devolving into a kissing match is exactly what would be in store for a couple. I realize how strongly the show is pointing toward a Blake and Sun match up, since they’re both Faunus, but I don’t like them together, personally. Also, I don’t like the idea of Ruby getting a romantic interest. As the youngest of the group by two years, I think that her priorities would be a little different than everyone else’s, and less likely to be distracted by a romance.

Anyways, those are just some of my thoughts. Let me know what you guys thought of the premiere in the comments, I’d love to see what you thought! I love talking about this show, since it is so heavily underrated and lesser known. Thanks for reading and later days!

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