RWBY: Volume 4, Episode 1 – My Thoughts

*Spoilers for the Volume 4 season opener* Opening sequence Insanely epic. I loved the dramatics of it,with the slow panning and Grimm creeping out of the pool. I still don't understand what the pools are (where Grimm are "born" from?) but it was still beautiful and really showed how much the quality in this show… Continue reading RWBY: Volume 4, Episode 1 – My Thoughts

Things I Made

Tough Love Inspirational Wallpapers

I made some inspirational wallpapers featuring some of my favorite female characters. They each have a message telling you to stop procrastinating or get back on track. I know I sometimes need someone to tell me that I'm being an idiot by putting off work, and now it's built into my wallpaper. They are all… Continue reading Tough Love Inspirational Wallpapers

Mental Health

How to fight off anxiety attacks

Anxiety attacks are a tricky beast, mostly because each one is different and caused by different triggers, but a lot of people treat them as one in the same. Today I'm going to be outlining a couple mainΒ different types of anxiety attacks I've experienced and effective ways to fight them. The classic This is the… Continue reading How to fight off anxiety attacks