How I Make Money Online

I’m sure you’ve seen a million articles like this. If not articles, there has been plenty of pop up ads, spam emails, and click bait. But this article isn’t trying to convince you that you can make a living by using these websites or trick you into buying a set of knives. I’m just going to share my experience with money making websites, and hopefully you can pad your digital wallet like I do. I basically make enough to make the occasional purchase online, I don’t use this money for any real world uses like paying bills or buying groceries, although you definitely could.



The first and primary site I use is Swagbucks. This is a free website that you can use to earn swagbucks (SB), which can then be exchanged for gift cards to dozens of different merchants. There are a certain number of easy to get, daily SBs, and then many other ways to get more, but they are more work.

Everyday there is a poll you can take for 1 buck. You can also make a lot of SB by watching videos. You watch playlists to earn, and the cap for those SB is 150 a day. There is also a Swag Code released almost everyday. They are small phrases that when entered into the code box, redeems a handful of SB. They are released on multiple platforms, but the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss one is to download the Swag Button, which is a browser extension that will notify you when a Swag Code goes live. It even provides a link to the code! Lastly, you can make 10 SB by playing games on the website

Other ways to make SB are a little more complicated and require more attention and time. One way is to take surveys. This can be a hit or miss, because you won’t qualify for every survey, since most are looking for a specific demographic. There is also the Discover section where you can get SB for signing up for websites, playing games, viewing websites, and more. You can also use their Search Engine, but you don’t win on every search.

It takes me about a month to earn 2, 500 SB, but that’s when I’m using it everyday, watching videos all day, maxing out my game earnings, doing surveys constantly, and generally spending too much time working for it. My favourite reward to cash out on is PayPal. Then I could withdraw the money into my bank account and use it for whatever I want!


Referral code: 566dae47


This is a series of apps that I use. There are all by the same company, but are different apps. There is Perk TV, Pop Quiz, Scratch & Win, and Word Search. There are also other apps, but these are the ones I use. Perk has two currencies, but only one can be used to buy gift cards. Points are the type that can buy gift cards, and also can be used to bid on King of the Hill and One Up auctions, and buy entries for draws. Tokens are used to buy scratch tickets in Scratch & Win, power ups in Pop Quiz, and bid on King of the Hill auctions and entries for draws. There are separate auctions and giveaways for the different currencies.

Perk TV is the app for watching videos to get points. There are all types of videos from app trailers, movie reviews, lifestyle videos, and more. You get 1-3 points per video watched, and 50 points for rating the video after watching it (thumbs up or down). Pop Quiz is a game like Trivia Crack or Quiz up. There are a bunch of categories and you answer 5 questions a round. Depending on how you score, you can get 1-4 points a round and 40-100 tokens. Scratch and Win is where you can use tokens to buy scratch cards and can win points or tokens. According to the app, you can win up to 1000 points, but I’ve never even gotten close. I think the most points I’ve won at a time is 10, but I’ve won 100, 000 tokens before. Word Search I’ve fallen out of using, but basically you’re given a word search, and if you can find all the word in the time limit you win points.

Perk takes a significantly longer time to get enough to cash out, since the $10 PayPal gift card is 15000 points.


Referral code: FI0N3R


This is also a phone app. It’s much less involved that Swagbucks or Perk, since it is just one app with basically one function. You get spins by watching advertisements and then you spin the wheel for a chance to win money! The average spin in worth $0.05, but I’ve seen prizes up to $500. It’s a slow crawl to the minimum withdraw amount of $25, but it takes less than five minutes out of your day do to. It’s also location dependent, so I get about 12 spins a day, but you might get more or less.

So let me know if you sign up to any of these services and have any luck with them!

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