My Opinion

Job Searching is the Actual Worst

I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in June. I now am a proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts! Five long years of post-secondary and I’ve spent a lovely summer taking some time off. But now September is coming back around and it’s time to make my foray into the job market. Or should I say, it’s time to take any left over self esteem I have from being in school and slam dunk it into the garbage.


Now I’m probably going to come off as a huge prick, because I have a good education and a support system that allowed me to go three months without even looking at a job application, but I’m just talking about the experience of applying to dozens of jobs, and only hearing back from two, and they both rejected you. It hurts. It hurts you deep.

Although it is a lot nicer when they spare the two minutes out of their day to send out a simple, copy/pasted email saying that you have not been selected to be interviewed. In my opinion, it’s just courtesy. I’m waiting to hear from you, at least let me know that this door is closed and locked.

Another thing that drives me absolutely crazy about applying for jobs is the sheer redundancy of it all. The worst culprit of this is when you upload your resume to a website, but as soon as you click upload, it takes you to their own resume form to fill out. Why have me upload my resume, which I have carefully crafted, if you were just going to make me manually enter all the same information. I can partially forgive it when it tries to auto-populate the fields with the information off the resume, but still. And they usually aren’t just one big text field you can paste your whole resume in, it’s usually a dozen individual fields for the job title, years you worked there, employer name, and every other piece of information that can be separated. It’s just a waste of time when I’ve already worked on my resume to make it as perfect as possible.

Anyways, all I can do is keep throwing my resume at the wall and see what it sticks to. If anyone is looking for a graphic designer, advertiser, or social media manager, give me a ring! Anyone else out there trying to get a job right now? It’s a little sad how I know there are a lot of you doing so, since the job market is so gross right now. Well good luck to you all!

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