Autumn To-Do List

Check up my YouTube channel to see my vlog from summer! youtube.com/user/nicklesthename So it's getting cooler, leaves are falling, and everything is turning to pumpkin spice flavored! It's the most wonderful time of the year........except for Christmas, but please. It's only September. Anyways, now that the hot hot hot summer is going away, it's time… Continue reading Autumn To-Do List


How I Make Money Online

I'm sure you've seen a million articles like this. If not articles, there has been plenty of pop up ads, spam emails, and click bait. But this article isn't trying to convince you that you can make a living by using these websites or trick you into buying a set of knives. I'm just going… Continue reading How I Make Money Online

My Opinion

Job Searching is the Actual Worst

I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in June. I now am a proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts! Five long years of post-secondary and I've spent a lovely summer taking some time off. But now September is coming back around and it's time to make my foray into the job market. Or should I… Continue reading Job Searching is the Actual Worst

Mental Health

How to kill yourself

So you're depressed. I've been there before. You feel like you're at your lowest and as long as you can remember its been like that. You are so sad, or perhaps you've bypassed the sadness and now you just feel numb. You feel like the only option is to just stop existing. Well he's a… Continue reading How to kill yourself