Best housewarming present

Here is a guide on how to make an excellent housewarming present. This gift could also work for other similar events, such as going away to post secondary school or wedding shower. It works for anyone, regardless of gender, age, or style. It’s basically a big bucket of household essentials that no one thinks of buying, but will definitely need.

Step 1: Use a bucket for “wrapping”

Instead of a useless gift bag, use some kind of bucket. A shallow bucket is useful for so many thing, from washing your car to mopping the floor to washing awkwardly large items. You could make it a little more attractive by wrapping that with wrapping paper, putting a bow on it, or buying a less functional but more aesthetically pleasing decorative bucket. Everyone can use a bucket, but no one ever thinks “today, I’m going to go bucket shopping!”

Step 2: Fill the bucket

My standbys are:

  • strong string
  • duct tape
  • flashlight
  • sharp, non-kitchen scissors
  • small sewing kit
  • AA batteries
  • safety pins
  • rubber bands
  • matches
  • power bar
  • envelopes and stamps
  • can opener
  • pizza cutter
  • dish towels
  • dish scrubber
  • Ziploc bags
  • band aids
  • cough drops
  • thermometer
  • hot/cold packs
  • nail clippers
  • tweezers

These are all fairly random items that range from toiletries to small tools. These are the king of things that everyone needs at some point, but you don’t think to buy until you already need it. I love giving this present because people will initially look at it with fake enthusiasm because why did you give me a bucket? But I always get a text message a month later saying that they really needed a pair of scissors they didn’t mind getting dirty or the batteries dies in their Xbox controller, and how they’re so grateful I got those things for them. You are welcome for the most initially underwelming

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