Ghostbusters is a good movie

I have just returned from seeing the new Ghostbusters reboot. It was amazing. It was hilarious and clever. It had a good amount of references to the old movies, but enough original ideas to create a new world. I loved it.

But people really want to hate this movie. Despite general dislike of reboots, which I understand, people hate the fact that the characters are all women. I mean the reason is simple and boring, but it’s something that I want to address.

People have many different arguments as to why they don’t like the idea of an all women reboot but rarely do they mention that that is the reason. I’ve heard people say they don’t like the special effects in this one because it looks to too comical and cartoonish. I didn’t realize that a giant Stay Puft ghost was high brow entertainment, but as far as I can remember the mood and style of the originals was pure silliness. I’m sure if they had the CGI technology in the 80’s they would have used it to.

That’s another “criticism.” People say that the CGI is done badly and is unrealistic. Do I even need to mention how stupid mentioning unrealistic CGI in a movie about ghosts and interdenominational portals? If anything, this is the perfect movie to get away with sloppy CG because you can just write it off as ectoplasm slime or paranormal blur. The things that make CG unrealistic actually make the ghosts more realistic in the context of the paranormal. It makes them look other worldly and ethereal. So what now?

Again, there is an argument against reboots in general, and a lot of the time, that argument is legitimate. Almost all of the movies coming out lately are either reboots of old franchises, long awaited sequels of old series, or film versions of young adult novels. At a quick glance, it seems that original stories crafted just for the silver screen are all but extinct. But that argument doesn’t explain the overwhelming amount of hate that this reboot has received.

The movie has everything that any movie goer would want seeing an action-comedy. It has explosions, puns, awkward interactions, a silly dumb character to laugh at, a team of buddy cops, a lot of ridiculous pseudo-science, and smart comedy. It’s equal parts funny and exciting. It has some heartwarming parts, but it doesn’t have a overly gratuitous emotional moment at the end. There’s action and a huge finale battle with bad-ass bad guy beat down. The only difference is that it’s women doing all the bad-ass-ness. The other difference is that they are doing it in a completely non-sexual way. There is no bikinis or ineffective armor involved. It’s so nice to see that kind of female representation. None of the leads have perfect bodies, with Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon having the most traditionally attractive looks. But even they are desexualized with Wiig being a conservative dressing nerd and McKinnon being a masculine jock. But all of the action scenes take place in dumpy jumpsuits.

This movie is equality in action. It’s women in roles that men usually take and men in roles that women usually take (pretty but dumb sidekick Hemsworth anyone?) I highly highly recommend people go to the theater and see this movie. Whether you dislike reboots or never seen the original films, this movie is just a funny movie. Behind the controversy and criticism, it’s just a good classic comedy.

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