Ways to Support Charity Besides Donating Money

1. Volunteer

Sometimes, man power is more important than money. If a soup kitchen has enough money to feed a hundred people, it hardly matters if they don’t have hands preparing, serving, and cleaning up after the food. If you’re not strong or fit, there are many ways to lend your time to a cause. You can volunteer to make or answer phone calls, make and post signs, go door to door, contribute to a flea market sale, register other heavy lifting volunteers, the list goes on. Try Google searching to see what is happening around your city.

This search formula will get you where you need to be.

2. Donate rewards

Most big name businesses these days have reward systems offered to their customers. They will get you better sales on the things you normally buy, take a percentage off all purchases, and/or collect points that can be redeemed as money. For example, PC Points is the President’s Choice reward program which will send you curated coupons for the things you buy most often, and also collect points for each dollar you spend. You can take these bonus rewards and use them to give back. Save up a ton of points, and then buy clothes, food, or toiletries to take to a local women’s or homeless shelter.


3. Give online currency

An increasingly common type of website is one where you can earn points by answering surveys, accepting special offers, doing online tasks, or watching videos. My personal favourite is Swagbucks. I find them to be credible and have a great selection of gift cards you can buy with your points. They also have the most fair prices I have seen. They also have the option to spend your Bucks directly on different charities. You don’t have to do anything beside buy the reward from the shop, and Swagbucks themselves will pass it along.

Here are a handful of the available charities. Also, you can easily make 5 SB in under 20 minutes.

4. Throw a fundraiser

Bake sales, garages sales, blanket sales, oh my! Take advantage of something you already have, such as old toys and books or a baking skill and use them for your own good. Running in a marathon or other sponsored events works as well. Spread it around that you’re doing this for  a special cause and your friends and family will be more forthcoming a supportive.


5. Spread the word

All charities have one thing in common: they need exposure to survive. Even if you can’t support them right now for whatever reason, posting about them on social media and talking about them with your peers might introduce the charity into someone who can support them. Awareness is important, and is almost always completely free.

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